May Day Tree

The May Day Tree, Prunus padus ‘European Bird Cherry’, is one of the first trees to leaf out in spring. European Bird Cherry is generally described as a perennial tree or shrub and has dark-green summer foliage that turns yellow to red in fall.

The white flowers are large and fragrant and appear in early May. They are borne in slender drooping clusters. It differs from other wild and garden cherries in having flowers in long cylindrical spikes.

The fruit is black, about 1/3” or less, and taken by the birds. This low-branched tree is rounded to about 15-20’.May Day Tree is available in clump form. The European Bird Cherry has a moderate life span relative to most other plant species and a moderate growth rate.

Prune the May Day plant after flowering is finished as the flowers appear on old wood.

This small-fruited cherry tree is frequented or fed on by birds!

Early, large, fragrant flowers!

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