Dogwood Shrubs

Dogwood shrubs are available in various colors, sizes, and many have showy winter interest with their colored stems. There should be a dogwood shrub for just about any location. Dogwoods are deciduous shrubs that have four season appeal. The spring brings neat flowers, (some are fragrant), then summer brings berries which contrast nicely with the leaves. Autumn brings the fall colors of red, oranges, and yellow, depending on the variety. There are several species of dogwoods that provide great winter interest with the bright red stems contrasting with the white snow.

Dogwoods, botanically know as Cornus, is comprised of about 40 species. As a group, dogwoods attract a wide range of wildlife for both food and cover. Some examples are sap suckers, wild turkey, woodpeckers, northern cardinal, purple finch, beaver and deer. Dogwoods prefer to be located in a full sun to lightly shaded area. They are quite adaptable to soil types and do well in moist areas. Dogwoods can be grown in groups, mixed with other trees or planted as a specimen. These popular shrubs are used for borders, windbreaks and privacy screens.

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