Hibiscus ‘Electric Wizard’

Hibiscus ‘Electric Wizard’

Swirling hibiscus blooms add a magical, tropical feel to patios and decks. This new hardy hibiscus produces spellbinding 9- to 10-inch-wide flowers. Oblong buds unfurl into clear pink flowers that bear a dark red throat with red streaks. The foliage is equally showy: purple, maple-leaf-shape leaves. A good landscape addition, ‘Electric Wizard’ grows just 3 feet tall. Its small stature and big blooms also make it a stunning container planting. ‘Electric Wizard’ is drought-tolerant.

Name: Hibiscus ‘Electric Wizard’

Growing Conditions: Full sun

Size: To 3 feet tall

Zones: 4-9

Grow It With: Roses

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