Ornamental Trees

Red Maple                                   Flowering Pear                                        Crape Myrtle


Ornamental trees are usually described as trees that are less than 25 feet tall. They usually have a defining feature such as flowers, unique foliage, notable bark, or a form of branching that is eye catching. Many ornamental trees are flowering and the time of flowering, mainly early spring, will draw attention to the landscape. Some trees have unique features that are notable in several seasons. The Lavender Twist Redbud is one of those trees. It combines very early spring flowers with a unique twisted form that is attractive with or without leaves. Weeping ornamental trees are favorites of many homeowners. The long graceful weeping branches attract attention and seem to give a sense of peace and calm to a yard.

Ornamental trees can be deciduous or evergreen. Evergreens tend to derive their ornamental flavor from unique shapes or sizes. Deciduous trees usually point to leaf color or tree form to accentuate their eye catching qualities. Flowering ornamental trees are a large section in the ornamental tree category. Flowering trees such as flowering pear trees are used as lawn trees, street trees, and as small shade trees. Flowering ornamental trees add pizzazz in the spring and gorgeous foliage in the summer to any landscape or yard. Ornamental trees are an indispensable part of the landscape. They give the home, street, or commercial setting, beauty and permanence. Ornamental trees beautify our surroundings with interesting shapes, patterns, colors, scents, and seasonal changes.

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