Satomi Dogwood

The Satomi Dogwood is an outstanding ornamental for spring color and fall interest.  It would look terrific in the center of a garden bed with lower plants to compliment it.  It could also stand alone in your front yard as a focal point to draw the eye.

This is a great choice for your yard as the spring blooms come a bit later in the season.  When your other spring-blooming plants are beginning to fade, your Dogwood will just be getting started.


This extension of your yard’s spring glory will begin with clusters of 4-peteled delicate pink flowers that stand out amid the landscape plantings.  As the blooms fade, the pointed, ovate leaves become prominent giving your Dogwood a lush green appearance for the summer months.


As fall approaches you’ll see your Dogwood’s foliage change to a deep red that will certainly stand out amid the usual lighter red hues.

Satomi dogwoods grow to around 25 feet in height with an equal spread.  The multi-stemmed growth is horizontally-inclined, creating a lovely symmetry and low canopy.  The bark is grey and peeling which will draw your eye during the winter months.

In addition to the ornamental qualities of your Satomi Dogwood, you’ll enjoy the large, raspberry-like berries.  Birds will flock to your yard to enjoy a treat from your Dogwood, but you can also sample them for a unique, natural snack.  While not as tasty as other berries, the Dogwood berry is sometimes enjoyed primarily for its juice.

Satomi Dogwood has a lot to offer as an ornamental planting.  Year-round interest and even edible fruit for humans and wildlife make this an outstanding choice for your landscape.

* Late spring display
* Autumn color
* Edible fruit

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